Our customers.

A fair and long-term cooperation based on partnership is the key to success for our customers as well as for us. We use methods that are specifically designed for SMEs and guarantee an ongoing support by a personally assigned support team. All this ensures both efficiency and consistency in the partnership with our customers.

“Innovabee has been our reliable partner for our global SAP roll-out. We are impressed byhow efficiently and flexibly Innovabee and their international partners in 18 countries across the globe have implemented Innovafinance.
Innovabee’s solution based on SAP Business All-in-One is sophisticated, comprehensive and matches all our requirements. We can comply with all regulations and have a solid base for further growth.”

Thorsten Hugel

Head of International Accounting & Taxation, FTI Group

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„Innovafood is a sustainable solution, which perfectly supports our business processes and our corporate philosophy. Working together with our partner Innovabee, we are well prepared for the future and  further growth.”

Harri Butsch

CEO, Fish & More

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„We had conversations with different implementation partners. Innovabee made a compelling case due to its expertise and customer-driven mindset. Even more, Innovabee submitted a convincing catalogue of services, a company-specific implementation plan and a fixed-price offer. These services were based on the previously conducted SAP Check-Up, which Innovabee offers to potential clients.”

Dr. René Aust

Commercial Manager, Steuler Holding

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Customer reviews

FTI Innovabee Referenzbericht

FTI Touristik

German tour operator FTI has standardized its financial processes in each of the 30 locations worldwide. In the course of the implementation of a new financial solution, 78 company codes have been implemented and around 30 million documents have been migrated.

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Steuler Innovabee Referenzbericht


Steuler improves the collaboration between its four tile plants with a homogenous ERP platform. The solution not only interlinks the different locations but also paves the way for more efficient processes.

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TUNAP Innovabee Referenzbericht


The TUNAP group benefits from an Innovabee solution for the chemical industry. The application interlocks operational processes with check and planning routines and hereby achieves the goal of more efficient order processes.

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Fish & More Innovabee Referenzbericht

Fish & More

Food producer Fish&More has implemented a new ERP system within just eight months. The new solution ensures the seamless integration of processes and also supports the midsize company’s rapid growth.

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Gude Innovabee Referenzbericht


Gude GmbH has implemented SAP Business All-in-One, an ERP solution covering all departments – from procurement through finance to sales and logistics.

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Südstärke Innovabee Referenzbericht


SÜDSTÄRKE GmbH wants to replace its heterogeneous IT landscape with an integrated system. Prompt planning and a better process support are only a few of the many advantages SÜDSTÄRKE will benefit from.

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BUDICH Innovabee Referenzbericht


The specialist for cleaning agents, care products and disinfectants receives an upgradeable and scalable solution covering the requirements of the chemical industry: SAP S/4HANA.

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DAL Innovabee Referenzbericht

Deutsche Afrika-Linien

Deutsche Afrika-Linien covers all global financial processes with an integrated financial system. Thanks to the new IT solution, the shipping company can overlook all payment and booking processes in real-time.

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trendtours Innovabee Referenzbericht


Flexibility and speed are crucial for the success of tour operator trendtours. With SAP S/4HANA, the company has chosen a finance solution that comprehensively  covers all its requirements.

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Joh. Vögele KG Innovabee Referenzbericht

Joh. Vögele

An industry solution for the chemical industry enables  Joh. Vögele KG to automatically evaluate its recipes. On top of that, the new solution offers the highest possible degree of transparency with regard to product features and ingredients.

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RIBE Innovabee Referenzbericht


The automotive supplier RIBE Group depends on an efficient accounting system. Using Innovafinance, the company has a solution which meets all legal requirements and is able to improve its core business processes.

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Hengstenberg Innovabee Referenzbericht


Hengstenberg added an additional maintenance module to its existing SAP system. Today, the food producer benefits from efficient maintenance processes and a high level of integration.

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Gude SAP-Check-UP Innovabee Referenzbericht


What is the best option? New implementation or upgrade of the existing ERP solution? Gude GmbH received answers to this question thanks to Innovabee’s SAP Check-Up.

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Limitor Innovabee Referenzbericht


Limitor, manufacturer of safety components, plays it safe when it comes to its ERP system. Using SAP, the company meets all legal requirements and can perfectly integrate its Hungarian plant.

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Schock Innovabee Referenzbericht

Schock Metall

Innovafinance is a solution for Schock Metallwerke GmbH which includes distinct controlling and reporting functionalities and, at the same time, improves processes in financial accounting.

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Arnold Glas Innovabee Referenzbericht

Arnold Glas

Due to pre-configured processes and a standardized migration path, Arnold Glas was able to implement its new finance system within just two months.  The migration of the 13 company codes was completed without any difficulties.

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Gottfried Friedrichs Innovafood Referenzbericht

Gottfried Friedrichs

Being a satisfied SAP-user for many years, Gottfried Friedrichs now wanted to benefit from the pre-configured processes of our industry solution Innovafood. Innovabee ensured a close-to-standard implementation.

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GUDE SAP BusinessObjects Referenzbericht


Using SAP BusinessObjects, Gude GmbH now has more transparency in the fields of business reporting and data analysis – comprehensive features at an affordable price.

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Bigpoint Innovabee Referenzbericht


Internet service provider BigPoint counts on SAP BusinessObjects to filter the right key figures out of millions of datasets herebyobtaining comprehensive analyses, which are always up to date.

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Joh. Vögele KG Innovabee Referenzbericht

Joh. Vögele

Thanks to SAP BusinessObjects, business reporting at Joh. Vögele is far more comfortable today – ad-hoc reporting features, real-time analyses and a modern visualization technology included.

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VBH Innovabee Referenzbericht


VBH sets standards for professional e-commerce with its new online shop. The shop is integrated with SAP and identifies customer-specific price information in real-time.

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HUBTEX Innovabee Referenzbericht


HUBTEX GmbH implemented Innovabee’s add-on for travel expense accounting within just three weeks. Ever since, the accounting of travel expenses and costs has turned out to be significantly more efficient.

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Joh. Vögele KG Innovabee Referenzbericht

Joh. Vögele

Thanks to a central system for document management at Joh. Vögele KG, all documents for a specific process are available with just one click. Particularly useful is the integration into the present SAP system.

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