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Innovabee is a consultancy  and systems house with more than 25 years of experience and locations in Waiblingen and Hamburg. We approach SAP projects in a better and different way – with midsize companies in mind. As an SAP Gold Partner, we offer solutions for ERP, Finance and Analytics. With our pre-configured solutions for industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, life sciences, consumer products or wholesale and our high level finance solutions, we ensure safe and affordable SAP implementations.

Careers with Innovabee

Being part of Innovabee’s SAP team you can really make a difference by working on extremely exciting and dynamic SAP projects. For this, of course, we need talents that bring a high level of initiative and motivation to their job. Are you interested in learning more about career options at Innovabee? That’s your chance to become part of the SAP world. Apply today!

Trainees and interns

You are already familiar with SAP? – Perfect! You haven’t worked with SAP so far? No problem!
We will teach you everything you need to know.

Saskia Fontanive - Innovabee

„After having earned my master’s degree from university, the job at Innovabee was the perfect entry into working life for me.”

Saskia Fontanive
Started as a trainee, now Junior Project Manager

Annika Haag - Innovabee

“Innovabee offered me the possibility to add practical insights to my academic training from university.”

Annika Haag


A high level of autonomy and corporate action matter to you. On top of that, you are a team player and appreciate a positive and cooperative working atmosphere. In this case, Innovabee is perfectly right for you.

Innovabee Management

hansfrieder weber management - Innovabee

Hansfrieder Weber

The CEO and founder of the Innovabee Group is responsible for the areas of finance and human resources management. As founder of Innovabee and “entrepreneur out of conviction and passion” he has shaped the company from the very beginning. The continual development and expansion of the Innovabee Group as well as the partnership with SAP have taken place under his responsibility.

(founded Innovabee in 1987)


andreas koehler management - Innovabee

Andreas Köhler

The CEO of the Innovabee Group is responsible for marketing and sales. Having worked as a manager in the consulting industry for more than 20 years, he joined Innovabee in 2009. The continual development and expansion of the SAP partnership as well as the sales partnership with SAP have taken place under his responsibility.

(joined Innovabee in 2009)

christian deininger management - Innovabee

Christian Deininger

The CEO of the Innovabee Group is responsible for customer projects, professional services and human resources development. After holding various executive positions in the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years, he joined Innovabee in 2002. The continual development and expansion of the SAP consulting unit has taken place under his responsibility. Before joining the management board, he worked as a project and consulting manager.

(joined Innovabee in 2002)

Management Foto Florian Häußler - Innovabee

Florian Häußler

The CEO of the Innovabee Group is responsible for customer projects, human resources development and international partner management. The continual development and expansion of the Hamburg location as well as the establishment of an international SAP partner network has taken place under his responsibility. Having joined Innovabee in 1999, he worked as a project and consulting manager before becoming a member of the management board.

(joined Innovabee in 1999)


Seewiesenstraße 25
D-71334 Waiblingen
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Ferdinandstraße 47
D-20095 Hamburg
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Innovabee is your strategic partner for the global alignment of your business processes. Thanks to our international network of strategic partners, we are also able to assist you with your worldwide IT projects.

Weltkarte - Innovabee

Together with our internationally certified SAP partners, we support midsize companies during the course of their SAP implementation – at home and at their international sites.

SAP Business All-in-One and SAP S/4HANA are available in multiple language and country versions and are therefore the perfect fit for companies with an international focus or foreign subsidiaries. Taking the Innovabee template as a basis, our partners add country-specific features to your solution and make sure that all local legal requirements are covered. Furthermore, they carry out end user trainings in the local language and guide you through every phase of the implementation.


The Innovabee partner network

As a systems house, we take the best of both worlds – the products and know-how of our partners – and turn them into highly integrated and targeted solutions that are perfect for the specific needs of your company.

Our premium partners

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Our German and international implementation partners

We offer you in-depth international know-how for successful projects – with our network of German and international SAP partners.

logo pasapas - Innovabee

PASAPAS (United Kingdom)