SAP industry solutions offered by Innovabee.

We offer specific solutions for industry-related processes based on SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management. These solution packages include all important industry standards and provide pre-configured processes for our customers to quickly achieve competitive advantages.

Industry-specific standards

Here are the answers to your market’s challenges: best practices, cross-company processes and compliance guidelines.

Pre-configured processes

Right from the beginning, you start with processes that have been thoroughly tested and have proven efficient in practical use – thanks to their comprehensive functionality. All this makes them highly secure, easy to deploy and affordable.

Consultants with industry experience

Our specialists have a high level of process knowledge and a wealth of experience gained in many successfully  implemented projects. They are always there to help you – from kick-off to delivery and beyond.

Innovafood - Industry Solutions

Innovafood for the food and beverage industry

Tightened laws on food safety, shorter delivery cycles and the guarantee of traceability are major requirements in the food and beverage industry.

But the consumer behavior has changed as well: Brand loyalty is decreasing and buying behavior is changing on short notice due to trends.

Innovafood, our solution for the food and beverage industry, comprehensively covers all processes – from product development and production to distribution. An all-over batch tracing, which facilitates product recalls is included as well, offering midsize companies the possibility to react quickly and safely to changes.


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Innovacos - Industry Solutions

Innovacos for the cosmetics industry

Increasing pressure on assortment optimization and effective regulation of the customer demand are important topics for the cosmetics industry.

Companies that are active in this industry need IT solutions, which support such changing market conditions and business models effectively.

Innovacos is our solution for the cosmetics industry. It is based on SAP Business All-in-One and includes all essential industry requirements such as recipe management, a complete mapping of all internal and external logistics processes and a distinct quality management. Integrated processes and transparent information give companies the possibility to react flexibly and quickly to market changes.

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Innovachem - Industry Solutions

Innovachem for the chemical industry

Manufacturers of chemical goods aim to lower their operating costs, implement compliance guidelines and grow profitably. Special challenges to them are amongst others the guarantee of product safety, hazardous materials management, recipe development and management, batch management and the coverage of all legal provisions such as REACH or CSR.

Innovachem, an Innovabee solution for the chemical industry based on SAP Business All-in-One, offers you solutions to these challenges and helps you leverage best practices and industry standards to the benefit of your company. On top of that, Innovabee solutions for the chemical industry are affordable and quick to implement.

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Innovapharm - Industry Solutions

Innovapharm for the life science industry

Top priorities for companies operating in the life science industry are product quality, patient safety and the prevention of recalls and returns. Acting in accordance with compliance requirements and using process documentation during the complete production process including quality control are important as well.

Innovapharm, Innovabee’s solution for the life science industry based on SAP Business All-in-One, makes your company ready for the future and delivers immediate and long-term competitive advantages. Key elements of this industry solution are, amongst others, a complete batch traceability and documentation as well as an integrated audit trail.

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Innovaconsum - Industry Solutions

Innovaconsum for the consumer products industry

The consumer products industry is faced with a permanently growing pressure to optimize its profit, produce innovations and effectively manage its sales channels.

Further challenges are changing consumer behavior and the need for faster time to market.

Innovaconsum enables you to better align your business processes and therefore be able to respond more quickly and dynamically to market requirements.  Our solution offers, among others, integrated planning processes, extensive EDI functionality and real-time data, supporting you with consistent and transparent information.


Innovatrade - Industry Solutions

Innovatrade for wholesale

Wholesale is not only about the relationship between vendor and consumer but also about a seamless networking along the entire process chain.

Consequently, wholesale and retail companies place great demands on their ERP solution: it has to be flexible, profitable from the very beginning, adaptable and scalable.

With Innovatrade, Innovabee’s solution for the wholesale industry, you stand out from competitorsand are able to optimize business processes. Thanks to highly  transparent quantity and value flows, easy-to-manage conditions and commissions systems  and relevant key figures, you can effectively control your business and always know exactly where you are.

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