Innovabee’s SAP Check-up

The SAP check-up is a methodology specially developed by Innovabee for medium-sized companies. It helps you to plan the use of SAP S/4HANA for your company easily, quickly and flexibly. We present the advantages of SAP S / 4HANA for your company in detail. On the basis of this deployment concept, we would be happy to prepare a fixed price offer for you.

You are sure to find the right ERP solution​ – with Innovabee’s SAP Check-up

Even in times of agile introduction, the selection and implementation of an ERP solution is associated with time and costs. Many companies therefore postpone important software projects, even if the new software is clearly superior to the old solution in terms of process efficiency, automation and transparency.

It is all the more important that you know the scope of a project in advance and closely involve the specialist departments in defining the requirements. Innovabee has developed a method with which you can precisely determine the scope of your planned project: the SAP Check-up.

zitatbild gude - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee
logo gude - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee

“We were faced with the difficult decision between a new release of our previous software and a new start with a different system. Thanks to the SAP Check-up, we obtained a convincing presentation of our current situation and the potential for the further development of our company with little of our own effort. On this basis, we were able to make a safe decision for the future IT strategy.”

Georg Gude
Executive Partner, F. u. G. Gude GmbH

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zitatbild pfinder - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee
logo pfinder chemie - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee

“The SAP Check-up revealed to us how we can use SAP S/4HANA profitably and with significantly reduced project risk and at the same time provided us with a detailed concept for the use of SAP at Pfinder.”

Klaus Angerer
CIO, Pfinder KG

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SAP Check-up – the process

Based on detailed checklists, we work with you on in order to develop a deployment concept for SAP S/4HANA in your company. The analysis is based on your business processes, your existing IT landscape and your other goals and requirements.

You will receive an application proposal with benefits and investments for the use of SAP S/4HANA in your company and thus a valuable planning aid for your IT strategy of the future.

SAP Check Up - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee

The SAP check-up follows a fixed process: In the planning phase, we coordinate dates, objectives and processes with you. Then your management and your key user process checklists on the current status and your business processes. In-depth interviews help our consultants to get a complete picture of your requirements. We prepare the results of the analysis clearly. On this basis, you can plan your project specifically.

You receive all the information you need to make an informed decision

In addition to a specific cost calculation and a concept for the implementation, the check-up also provides you with a comparison of your existing IT landscape with the functions of the new solution. On this basis, you can compare the cost of the implementation with the expected benefit and thus make an informed decision as to whether an ERP project is really worthwhile.

Situation in medium-sized companies

News Grafik SAP Check Up Chancen vs. Risiken - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee

The SAP Check-up helps to better assess the opportunities and risks of an ERP implementation. 

Our experts analyze the current situation and goals of your company

In order to be able to judge the scope and benefits of a planned project, the Innovabee consultants use detailed checklists. Both the management and the departments of a company use these checklists to describe the current situation and the existing business processes of the company and provide information on their goals and requirements. In addition, the experts from Innovabee conduct structured interviews with the key users in order to get an exact picture of the required functions.

News Grafik SAP Check Up Checkliste 2 - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee
News Grafik SAP Check Up Checkliste 1 - SAP-Check-Up von Innovabee

Based on checklists, our consultants determine the current status of your IT landscape and your requirements.


Efficiency through a structured approach and thus little time required

Practical relevance thanks to our know-how with medium-sized companies 

Valuable insights on the current status of your company

Detailed concept for future IT strategies, e.g. possible with ROI calculation